GstarCAD 8

Ideal Alternative for AutoCAD

Self-developed Core Structure

Core architecture and the applied technology are the key points of a computer program. At the same time, they are also the competitiveness of the program.

User Interface

User Interface1Feels Clean & Refreshing New User Interface

It reserves the operation habits as it’s predecessor classic user interface and provides a retouch ribbon user interface to meet the design requirements of users.
In GstarCAD 8, you can invoke the most compatible commands in your preferred way; from menu, ribbon, toolbars, or command line. Additionally, there are more comprehensive options within dialog boxes that make learning the software easier for new users.
GstarCAD8 offers a non-switching user interface that is easier for users to switch between different ribbon/classic interfaces instead of having to restart the program. Users can change views, visual styles, viewports and other settings. The UI also has a familiar Command Line for those who are inclined to use it.
GstarCAD Classic switch
There are two interfaces in GstarCAD8 – 2D Drafting and Classic. You can switch between the two interfaces anytime with one click. Also, the default functional zone can be customized via tool bar menu according to users’ preference.
Configurable and extendable Ribbon enables you to find well-used commands more quickly and directly. You are able to minimize function zone to obtain more space in design operation. Meanwhile, customizable Quick Access Toolbar is designed to meet your specific operation requests and habits.
GstarCAD also has the traditional classic user interface that will be more familiar to AutoCAD® users. Having both of user interfaces together harmoniously is an important part of GstarCAD, Hundreds of millions of people rely on the classic and old AutoCAD® platform every day, and would value (and expect) us to bring forward aspects of that experience to their next generation windows base ribbon interface.
Compatibility and Sharing

It’s the universal format.

GstarCAD makes it easy to share your drawing with colleagues, customer and friends.

AutoCAD file format



Fully compatible with .dwg/.dxf data format of different version (AutoCAD® R2.5 – AutoCAD® 2013) that not only ensures compliance of your older data but also avoids complications of cleaning and conversion it.


Export, Import and publish more formats GstarCAD8 covers more data formats. It can export file format like *.dwfx, *.stl, *.eps, *.dxx, import *.sat, *.3ds, *.wmf and publish PDF and 3D DWF as well.

E-transmit provides functions of drawing file backup and data transmitting by email, making the data exchange between designers or companies smoother and easier.

PDF to DXF Convertor *
Directly convert PDF file to DXF format and insert it into current drawing for further edition

* PDF to DXF Convertor is a third-party application
Fast, easy and direct transformation of drawing tables to excel sheet.
Standard OCF Convertor is equipped in GstarCAD 2012 to make easier drawing data transformation for GstarCAD Mobile Client (iPhone, iTouch, iPad).
DWF Underlay
Possible to insert, view, and snap to the data in CAD drawing without being able to edit it.

Raster Data Processing

Newly support formats such as: CALS-1 (*.cal,*.mil,*.rst,*.cg4), RLC, GEOSPORT(.bil), PICT(.pct/.pict), IG4, Autodesk Animator(.fil/.flc).
Improvement of memory control to enable multiple raster files processing without increase of memory
Precision improvement of plotting
Performance enhanced in large Raster data processing


Essential Functionalities

essential function

Easy from the start.

Creating great-looking design and detialing is simple with GstarCAD.

Blocks are like object grouping and object styles on steroids, and any changes you make to it are replicated across all instances of that object in the design drawing, with block attributes are added onto the block definition with other objects. We can simply describe them as user editable texts. Every copy of the same block within a drawing may have different attributes.

In the Block Attribute Manager, you can edit block definitions, Changes are applied to all existing instances of the block as the block definition is edited. And changes only made to block definition, and will be applied to future instances when they are inserted

Dynamic Block enable you to reduce the size of your block libraries by combining block definitions and adding flexibility.
An XREF is an ‘external reference‘ to another CAD drawing file. One file can reference many other files and display them as if they were one.
Edit a more visual and precise drawing with new In-place SINGLE-LINE and MULTI-LINE Text Editor. What you see is what you get..
Field are extremely useful while preparing drawings with title block or table. Those fields that are marked with gray are stored in GstarCAD with special variables and they can be placed at any location inside the drawing with any text style. Fields are really nice additions that give you quick access to various types of information via TEXT, MTEXT or an Attribute.
Raster Image insert an essentially in vector drawing application. However, there are occasions when it would be useful to display raster images as part of your drawing. It would also be useful if you could make basic modifications to images and to be able to scale them.
MVsetup command helps you in creating a customized drawing board, title block, and multiple view setup. As for GstarCAD, you can use the Setup Wizard to set up a drawing ; The MVsetup command, however, remains the most commonly used tool.
Collaboration Features
Powering Communication with Collaboration Features

Publishing and Plotting
Publish drawing sheets as DWF files or to plotting devices with different plot styles. Alternatively, you can plot drawings to a variety of file formats, including EPS.

Export Options
With Export command you can save drawings in a variety of file formats. This is useful for placing drawings in other application programs.

Improved Layouts
In paper space, the white layout is now provided as the default. You can, however, specify any background color you like.

Realistic Renderings
3D models can be rendered using a variety of materials and multiple light source to generate high-quality, photorealistic images.

Convenient JPEG and PNG Output
Optimized JPEG plotter and PNG plotter configurations can be found in the plot dialog box. This allows you to easily plot drawings as high quality JPEG or PNG images.

eTransmit improves collaboration between clients by collecting all related drawing and support files in a single package. The package can include drawings, images, external references, and fonts.

Customization & Programming
Customizing and Programming ZWCAD

Customizing the Interface
It is easy for you to customize the ZWCAD user interface. You can modify menus, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, and command aliases to meet your particular needs or company standards.

Programming with ZWCAD
ZWCAD provides convenient application programming interfaces, such as LISP (similar to AutoLISP), VBA, SDS (similar to ADS), and ZRX (ZWCAD Runtime Extension, similar to ARX). With these interfaces, you can develop specialized design and drafting applications to fit your needs, perfectly.

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