About us

By Tones Enterprise is your one stop IT solution in Malaysia


By Tones Enterprise is a proficient company in I.T. solutions that started way back 2009 in Penang, Malaysia.
We offer a wide range of I.T. services including, Installing electronic security surveillance, computer repairs and internet/phone services. We cater to small and medium-sized enterprises where we offer industry standard customized business solutions that will help you on your way in reaching the goals of your business.

We at By Tones Enterprise merge personal approach with technological savvy, believing that with better customer relations, we will be able to customize and improve our services to better fit your needs.

We will provide you innovative solutions for all your I.T. problems.

Why Choose us?

Expert Solutions, Unrivalled Service, Real Results
Utilizing Innovative Technology, and bringing value to your Business

The evolution of technology is at a break-neck speed, and your business needs to transform with it. Choosing the right technology partner that provides you with a stable infrastructure would help your business achieve its target.

By Tone Enterprise aims to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective I.T. solutions. We are a dynamic company with a team of experts that will work with you to create a competitive edge using rapidly emerging technologies.

Our relationship with many of the key technology providers ensures we can offer expert independent advice on the most advantageous networking, hardware and software solutions for your organization. Whatever the nature of your business, the size of your company or the scope of your IT requirement, By Tone Enterprise offers the professional skills and resources to empower your business to communicate, compete and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

We go beyond hardware. Solutions, services, support — and a vision that addresses each client’s unique challenge — that’s how your Technology Partner should be evolving.